Investment Proposition

Preservation of wealth requires a steady hand

Investment Philosophy

We believe in Weak-Form of market efficiency and therefore on average, historical pricing is of little use to achieving positive risk adjusted returns over the longer term.

Our multi-asset portfolios may invest in cash, direct equities, fixed income securities, exchange traded funds, investment trusts, open ended investment companies and unit trusts as well as real estate, mainly in the form of REITs. We may also include currencies, commodities and other alternatives to reduce overall risk.

Investment Management: Strategy and considerations

An investment approach involves analysis of macro-economic data on major global markets coupled with Quantitative and Qualitative analysis to outperform the underlying benchmark.

Quantitative analysis uses specific factor based approach using fundamental data for stock selection. The Qualitative process allows these companies to be further investigated to narrow down opportunities that is likely to outperform the market.

For Fixed Income, this is normally considered to meet specific client objectives to meet specific cash flow requirements, but will also be included for our multi-asset strategy where it is important to consider the impact of interest and credit risk on specific securities.

For funds, we would normally consider fund managers analysis, investment house style and fund manager history. Although past performance is not a guide to future returns due cyclical changes of the economy, it is important to consider conviction managers at an appropriate phase of the cycle.

All discretionary portfolios will have an underlying benchmark. Each benchmark can include related underlying index or index replicated ETFs to compare the performance of the portfolio.

Investment Advice Process

Our investment management service for client specific mandates is complementary to advice provided by Financial Planning practices, accountants and lawyers. All clients are provided with an Investment Policy Statement that outlines their mandate to meet their expectations.

Clients will have access to a dedicated investment manager. In addition, all clients are regularly reviewed and provided with formal valuations. They can also have online access to valuations as well as last two years worth of transactions. All client portfolios are held on third party custodians, please refer to our Investor Account Protection.