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Discretionary or Advisory Portfolio Service

This service is ideally suited for investors that do not have the expertise and/or the time to manage their portfolios.

Discretionary management provides clients with an opportunity to have their investments tailored and actively managed to their requirements without the need to get engaged in the day to day activity of the portfolio. The investment manager meets clients on a regular basis to ensure that their mandate continues to meet their requirements.

Advisory Portfolio Service provides clients with an opportunity to have their investments tailored and managed to their requirements. The service requires clients to engage with the investment manager in order to authorise any recommended changes to the investment portfolio. The investment manager ensures that clients are met on regular basis to provide performance updates and discuss any changes.

We also help registered charities and private trusts to meet their mandates.

The Discretionary service is ideally suitable for investments in excess of £250,000.

Our Research Capability

The portfolios can consist of various classes of assets, such as equities, fixed income, real estate, Exchange Traded Products as well as specialist funds and alternatives. We believe that it is important to equip our team with specialist research in order to construct suitable portfolios for our clients.

We have extensive research capability with access to over 80 Raymond James analysts that provide analysis on equities in US, Canada and Europe. In addition, we have access to third party research from various financial institutions that compliments our internal research.

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